Climate at a Glance

Koh Phangan Weather AveragesFor most of the year the weather in Koh Phangan is glorious. However there are some variations that should be noted so that your holiday isn’t ruined by a week of rain. Most guides on Thailand separate the seasons into three; dry season, hot season and rainy season. This is true for central and northern Thailand, but down south where Koh Phangan is, things are a little different.

From the end of March until June it is the hot season in Koh Phangan. The days are hot and the skies are clear, perfect beach weather. The Thai festival of Songkran also occurs in April, so this can be a great time to visit.

The weather from July until the middle of October is many peoples favourite. Not quite as hot as the hot season, but still very warm by anyone’s standards. There is very occasional rain, but it doesn’t last long and it keeps things feeling fresh.

The real rainy season on Koh Phangan starts in late October and ends in mid December. During November the rain can pour down non-stop for days. Many businesses close down and locals take a break. You can still find accommodation during this time, but it is usually very quiet and you often have to spend all day indoors.

From mid December the weather is starting to pick up again and hordes of travellers are arriving for the Full Moon Party and Christmas/New Years events.